DIY Hearts for Valentine’s Day and Special Celebrations

Share Your Love with Woven Hearts

Are you looking for an inexpensive, creative, easy, and fun craft to make Valentine’s Day special, instead of using store-bought Valentines? You will love making the woven heart crafts! Kids love making homemade gifts and will want to join in the fun of making their own special hearts!

Maybe you just want to brighten up someone’s day, any day of the year. You can make colorful hearts to share with residents at a nursing home, your neighbor, your teacher, babysitter, or the person who shovels your sidewalk. You can even mail them to your special Valentine. It does not take much to share a little kindness!

The hearts also make great decorations for special celebrations, such as weddings, baby & wedding showers, birthdays, and anniversaries!

You get the idea! The possibilities are endless!

A New Twist on Traditional Danish Heart Weaving

Red & white woven heart
Heart my mother made.

I want to share a new twist on a traditional Danish craft. When I was going through Christmas decorations, I found a red & white woven heart my mother made when I was a young girl. She made the little heart out of white and red foil paper. It hung on our Christmas tree for years. These little heart baskets have been a Scandinavian tradition for years.

But everything old becomes new again. There are so many different ways that you can use these sweet little hearts.

Whether you make them for fun decorations or to give your favorite Valentine’s, these woven hearts actually make a little basket so you can even tuck something inside such a candies, a note, a small gift, money, or a gift card!!

Make the Woven Hearts with Assorted Materials

You do not need any special materials unless you want to. You can probably find most of the materials in your craft closet or around the house, which makes them very affordable. Even a brown paper bag makes the cutest little heart!

Most kids love to give gifts that they made themselves. They are sure to enjoy learning to weave and make an adorable heart. They may want to come up with their own unique materials by decorating white paper with markers, crayons, or colored pencils either before or after making the heart. Try adding stickers, sequins, beads, buttons, or decorating with stamps. Add your own creativity to make a unique woven heart that you cannot buy in the store. You can make them for Valentine’s Day or just because!

You can make the hearts out of construction paper, card stock, scrapbook paper, paper bags, felt, leather, vinyl, ribbon, whatever you have on hand. There are no fancy materials you need. When I was at my local craft store, I did find some sparkly glitter ribbon and wide metallic faux leather ribbon that I knew my granddaughters would love. I just had to buy them and see if they worked. They did! I think they will love them!

Many Patterns and Sizes of Woven Hearts to Craft

The hearts above were made with glitter ribbon and metallic faux leather ribbon. The hearts to the right are made with scrapbook paper. Each picture shows a different design in the heart weaving based on the template that I used.

White Lace Paper Napkin Woven Heart

When I was looking through my craft supplies, I came across some lace paper napkins that I bought years ago and never used. I decided to see if I could make a woven heart basket with the napkin. They turned out better than I could have imagined. Even the embossed ribbons on the napkins were lined up when I finished. I couldn’t have planned that! I will be sending these out to special Valentine’s for sure!

FREE Woven Heart Templates, Instructions, Enclosure Cards & So Many Ideas

If you are not sure if a material will work, just try it! You never know until you do and it could turn out to be something amazing! Experiment and have fun! You will find more ideas and samples of materials used to make the hearts in the instructions.

I have designed 6 templates, in three different sizes. That is 11 templates. The instructions will have all of the information about choosing your design template and how to use them.

I also designed 24 enclosure cards for you to download and use. Each one is a different design. All you need to do is cut them out, I recommend using white card stock, put a little note on the back, and tuck them into your hearts! They are ready to mail or hand out to the special people in your life!

But do not limit these adorable, sweet hearts to Just Valentine’s Day. You will also get many different ideas on how to use the DIY woven hearts for weddings, baby showers, gifts, decorations and so much more! You get complete, detailed instructions with images, 24 enclosure cards, and 11 templates!

Make someone’s ordinary day special!

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P.S. As always, I would love to hear how you used the hearts. Please share in the comments below! Images would be great too!

P.P.S. Please email me at if you do not get the templates.

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