Thanksgiving Gratitude Pumpkin

You can make a fall pumpkin using the same technique that was used for the Pretty Paper Globes by just changing the colors and adding a stem!

For this pumpkin, I chose the patterns & colors from various paper pads that I had, including one with seasonal papers.

I used the 2 1/2″ circle paper punch. The finished pumpkin is just under 6″ by 3 1/2″. If you cut out 3 1/2″ circles, you will get a pumpkin that is about 9″ x 5″.

Colorful Paper Pumpkin
Colorful Paper Pumpkin

You can see from the pictures, the number of circles that I used. I cut out 24 circles for each pumpkin. The top and bottom layers each had 6 circles.

The middle two layers also used 6 circles.

For the stem, I just used a bendable straw and some twine. Cut the bendable part of the straw to about 1 1/2″. Using a hot glue gun, glue the end of the twine to one end of the straw. Wrap the twine around the straw and over the top. Glue it in place. Bend the stem to make it look more realistic.

For the squiggly vine, I used 20 gauge florist wire and wrapped it with brown florist tape. I wrapped it around a pencil and cut it to the desired length. Then I just glued it between the layers of twine. If you do not have these materials, use whatever you have on hand. Be creative. You could even look in your yard or while you are on a walk in your neighborhood for materials laying on the ground that you could use to enhance your pumpkin.

Have fun! Enjoy!

Fun Variation – Make a Gratitude Pumpkin

Another idea you could do with the pumpkins is to invite your Thanksgiving dinner guests to write one thing they are thankful for in one section of the pumpkin. Or, leave it out for the week before Thanksgiving and have your family write what they are thankful for during the week. At dinner, have someone read the pumpkin. This would be best to do on a pumpkin using colored paper with no pattern, or just use a fine tip marker.

You can find my blog post for Pretty Paper Globes by clicking the button. To make the pumpkin, follow the instructions, but use the number of circles under Fun Variations, #2.

You can also download the printable instructions if you CLICK HERE.

You can also download the instructions with pictures if you CLICK HERE.

Continue the Fun!

When Thanksgiving is over, you can make Pretty Christmas Globes to hang. Try using Christmas paper and make ornaments or hang the globes from ribbon in a window or over the dining room table. You could also use old Christmas cards and cut out circles to make the globes. Your are only limited by your imagination!

Christmas Paper Globes

I would love to hear what you did with your Pretty Paper Globes!



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