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Everything old is new again! I was looking for a fun, colorful project to do with my grandchildren during their spring break. I had been to Michael’s and fell in love with their colorful paper pads. And since they were on sale for buy one, get two free, I figured that I could eventually come up with something to use the paper for. I had an idea to take an early 60’s era project and give it a fresh look to make it modern, cool, and colorful enough for spring!

Spring and paper globes

I adapted these pretty, colorful flower globes from Christmas decorations we made with my mom when I was about 9 or 10 years old. We used red and green construction paper and glued on assorted sequins and glitter in the center of each circle to give them extra sparkle. but first we had to cut each circle by hand! I have found a few shortcuts that make them easier them ever!

As we were playing around with the paper and leftover circles that we cut, we even came up with a different type of paper globe that was super easy! We used ribbon and made a garland for on the fireplace and also added a few of the different globes to the mantle.

Fireplace mantle with paper globe garland and paper globes in vintage glassware

You can download the instructions below! You will receive two pdf’s. One has just the instructions and one has lots of pictures to help you make your Pretty Paper Globes.

TIP – The following will give you an idea of the finished sizes of the globes. Using a 2 1/2 inch paper punch created a globe approximately a 5″ round or 6″ x 3 1/2″ oval. Using the 3 1/2″ circles that I hand cut, created a 7 1/2″ globe or a 9″ by 5″ oval. The round or oval shape was dependent on how many circles I used to start the globe. Using the 2 1/2″ circles created a 2 1/2″ globe that is used in the fireplace garland in the picture above. This is all explained in the free directions that you can download at the end.

Bella, Levi, & Sophia had a lot of fun. They especially liked cutting out the circles with the paper punch. We experimented with plain card stock to begin with since it took me a while to remember how to make the globes. After all, it has been over 55 years since I made them. But once we got it, we dove right into the printed card stock. There was no stopping us! We had cut-out circles of every color and print.

Best of all, these fun globes can be made for any occasion, holiday, or event by using different types of papers. Think of your favorite sports team. I am sure you can find colors and themes to match just about anything you can imagine! Enjoy!

Download a FREE copy of the instructions. There are two choices: with pictures or without. Just click the button.



P.S. I love to hear your creative ideas. Please share below! I also welcome your comments and suggestions!

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