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Bella, Levi and Sophia have always made special cards to celebrate a birthday or special occasion. It is a good go-to project to do with the kids if there is a special occasion coming up and I am babysitting or they are visiting and are looking for something to do. And the best thing is this can be adapted to any occasion or just because!

One day when I was babysitting, Sophia wanted to make a special card for her dad for Father’s Day. She picked out a piece of card stock and some markers and got to work.

TIP -I always keep a selection of card stock in different colors on hand. I buy it when it is on sale or I have a coupon. This way, the kids can choose from a variety of colors. The card stock is also sturdy enough for magic markers, paint, & glue.

We had just finished making the smaller variety of the pretty paper globes not long before. I had an idea to create a pop-up on the inside of the card using the left over paper circles that we cut out for the paper garland that we made for the fireplace.

To download directions with pictures for the Pretty Paper Globes CLICK HERE.

To download printable directions, CLICK HERE.

Sophia used the small globe as a pop-up balloon on the inside of the card. Instead of gluing the last two half circles together, Sophia glued them to the inside of the card, lining the center of the globe up with the fold in the card. Then when she opened the card, the balloon popped open!

She and also drew on additional balloons and wrote on the card. Sophia added her special signature on the back. When she was finished, she had a unique card to give her dad that was handmade and filled not only with balloons, but a lot of love. Who wouldn’t love a homemade card? Enjoy!



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