No Violence Family Promise

Can your family participate in the No Violence Family Promise Challenge for just one day?

The Just For Today Family Promise is a one day pledge to not allow any violence in our homes by the music we listen to, TV & movies we watch, video games we play, and by our words and actions.

Once each family member has read the promise, talk about the ways that violence comes into your home and communities. Allow everyone to have their voices heard. Agree to sign the promise for just one day. Talk about having integrity; everyone should honor the promise.

What are you going to do to fill the time. As a family, come up with other options, such as play games, watch family-friendly TV and movies, take a walk or hike, go to a park. You get the idea.

TIP: at the end of the day, or the following day, talk about the impact the promise had on your family. What was different? How did you feel? Did it have a positive impact? How? Did it have a negative impact? How? What could you do to improve the impact it had on your family? Would you be willing to do it again? For how long?

Who knows? Just maybe, if you can do it for one day, you can do it for two…or three…or more.

To download and print the No Violence Family Promise, CLICK HERE.

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