Peace Bingo

Peace Bingo is played just the same as regular bingo. The only difference is that instead of using numbers, you will be using words that lead to understanding, compassion, & peacefulness. It is fun for families, youth groups, just about anyone!


  • Downloadable Peace Bingo Cards
  • Downloadable Peace Bingo Calling Cards
  • unpopped popcorn, poker chips, buttons, or something that you can use for markers.


Download and print the bingo cards from the link below. There are 50 cards, each one different. Only print the number of cards you need by putting in the page numbers, such as 1-8 or 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. If you print 8 copies of page 1, you will get 8 of the same cards.

There are not any balls to use to call out the words. You can download Bingo Calling Cards below. I suggest you print them on heavy paper such as card stock if you have it. If not, regular copy paper will work just fine. Cut out each calling card. Have one person be the Peace Bingo Caller. Shuffle the cards. Stack the cards to make a small pile. The caller takes the top card from the deck and reads the word out loud. When they are finished, lay the card face up. The caller does not say a letter as in regular bingo. The players look for the word throughout the entire card. The first one that gets a bingo calls out “PEACE”!

TIP: Have the first person that finds each word give an example of the word. You can vary the types of bingo: four corners; across; T; diagonal; X; whatever you want. Taking turns as caller and choosing which type of game to play next helps everyone to feel included and involved.

To download the Peace Bingo Cards, CLICK HERE.

To download the Peace Bingo Calling Cards, CLICK HERE.

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