Heart & Silhouette Window Art

Are you or your kids looking for some new ideas during your shelter at home? Would you like to brighten the day and bring a smile to people passing your house? Maybe you want to participate in window art projects that are flooding social media, but you do not want all of the mess of paint or do not have the right supplies to paint your windows & doors, but you still want to do something. I have a great project that is fun, easy, creative and colorful!

“We hold everyone’s heart in our hands and we must be so gentle and caring so as not to break it.” I used to tell this to the children I worked with. We forget how fragile a person’ heart is.

You probably have all the supplies you need right in your home. Create beautiful, inspiring, Heart & Silhouette Window Art with the downloadable templates that I have created just for you. All you need is a pencil, scissors, colored paper, & transparent tape. Just print, cut, and design! Use your imagination and show the world your heart!

I have included six templates for your to choose from: girl blowing hearts; girl praying; boy reaching for hearts, standing boy & little girl; standing older girl & younger girl; and hearts in 4 sizes. Use one, or use them all.

Enjoy your projects! Be safe at home. Make new memories. Be kind. Share joy.



P.S. I welcome your comments and suggestions.

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8 thoughts on “Heart & Silhouette Window Art”

  1. Dear Sue H!

    Thank you for sharing, great ideas, where can i find the templates to recreate it in my afterschool classroom.

    Thank you!

    Have a nice day!


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