Patience Life.  It can be described as so many things, but right now, imperfect and a mess comes to mind. With so many challenges that we all face each day, then add to that a pandemic, life can be overwhelming at times. This year, our entire lives seemed to change overnight! The past several years … Read more

Be A Kindness Star

Kindness Star

Be A Kindness Star The Kindness Star can be used as an incentive for children to treat other people kindly, as well as, recognize the kind acts other people do for themselves and others. It is a great way to become aware of our acts of kindness and to encourage children to intentionally be kind … Read more

Peacemaker’s Journey

Peace sign

Connecting the dots I remember when I was young, the anticipation of connecting the dots in a dot-to-dot picture.  Sometimes, I would know what the picture would turn out to be even before it was finished, but most often, I never knew what the entire picture was until it was completed.  The dots took my … Read more