Be A Kindness Star

The Kindness Star can be used as an incentive for children to treat other people kindly, as well as, recognize the kind acts other people do for themselves and others. It is a great way to become aware of our acts of kindness and to encourage children to intentionally be kind to others.

Directions: Download and print the Kindness Star template from the pdf below. Cut out the shapes. Kids love cutting and it could even improve their fine motor skills. While they are cutting, talk them about what it means to be kind, how they feel when they are kind to other people and how they feel when other people are kind to them. Have them give examples of acts of kindness. Remind them that acts of kindness do not need to cost anything.

Collect all of the stars. Tell the kids that whenever you see someone doing a kind act for someone else, you may give them a Kindness Star. The kids could even report to you if someone else was extra-special kind to them. Then the person that was kind to them could receive a kindness star.

At the end of the day, the child that received the most Kindness Stars can receive a special treat. Think of things that the children would appreciate. Some examples are: have an extra book read to them before bed; choose the movie for family movie night; stay up an extra 15 minutes before bedtime; have first choice of the bedtime snack; can pick the game to play for family game night; a walk in the neighborhood with your parent. Keep it simple, but meaningful to the children.

Something important to remember is to be merciful and kind when doing this activity. I Believe everyone is trying their best. We do not want to discourage anyone or make them feel like a loser. I believe that everyone should be able to get a Kindness Star. Sometimes we just have to look a little harder. If a child gets upset because they did not get the most Kindness Stars, assure them that they did the best they could and they can have another chance tomorrow. Talk about the star they did get and what they did to deserve it. Ask them to think about other things they could do. Stress the importance in the act of kindness, and not the winning.

TIP: Collect the Kindness Stars at the end of the day to use again the next day. Or, you can continue the next day adding stars and give a weekly reward. The kids can make a poster chart listing everyone’s name and how many stars they collected each day. This can be done for a day, week, or month, whatever works for you and your family.

To download the Kindness Star template, CLICK HERE.

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