Rainy Day Project

One day when I was babysitting Sophia, she was looking for a fun, creative, easy rainy day, project to make. She really wanted to use the markers. Sophia put on her thinking cap and came up with this fun, easy, doodle art. It is just a fun project when you or the kids are looking for something to do without a lot of planning or thought put into. It is very relaxing and meditative too!

We just gathered up some large card stock paper, markers, and a piece of scrap paper.

First we each chose the markers that we wanted to use. Then we used the scrap paper and drew lines with the different colors to see which colors we liked best next to each other. Once we had decided on a color combination and the order of the colors we were using, we were ready to begin.

TIP – When making your first design, make it extra large so you do not end up with just straight lines. It gets smaller as you add more layers.

The first thing we did was make a wavy design on the paper. Then, we just followed the same design with the next color, then the next, until we used each of the 5 colors.

When we had one set completed, we started over again with the first color, and continued with the other colors in the same order. We continued following the design until we filled the entire page. Enjoy!



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