High Five

The High Five is used very similar to the Kindness Star. The only difference is that the High Five recognizes teamwork. It encourages kids to be good team members, and also to recognize good teamwork in others.

You can read more about the Kindness Stars if you CLICK HERE.

Directions: See the directions for Kindness Stars above. While the kids are cutting out the hands, ask them some of the following questions. What kinds of teams are there? What does it mean to be on a team? Talk about teamwork and how when one person on the team “lies down” or refuses to play the game, it hurts everyone and the entire team loses. Have them give examples. Ask them what happen when everyone cooperates and works together like a team. The entire team wins.

Give out the High Fives just like you would the Kindness Stars, only for teamwork. Give out High Fives to the team that you see cooperating and working well together. Reward the child that received the most High Fives. See examples above.

Something important to remember is to be merciful and kind when doing this activity. I Believe everyone is trying their best. We do not want to discourage anyone or make them feel like a loser. I believe that everyone should be able to get a High Five. Sometimes we just have to look a little harder. If a child gets upset because they did not get the most High Fives, assure them that they did the best they could and they can have another chance tomorrow. Talk about the High Five they did get and what they did to deserve it. Ask them to think about other things they could do. Stress the importance of being a good team member, and not the winning.

TIP: You can collect the High Fives at the end of the day to use again the next day. Or, you can continue the next day adding High Fives and give a weekly reward. The kids can make a poster chart listing everyone’s name and how many hands they collected each day. This can be done for a day, week, or month, whatever works for you and your family.          

To download the High Five template, CLICK HERE.

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