Rainy Day Project

Rainy Day Project One day when I was babysitting Sophia, she was looking for a fun, creative, easy rainy day, project to make. She really wanted to use the markers. Sophia put on her thinking cap and came up with this fun, easy, doodle art. It is just a fun project when you or the … Read more

Butter Cookies

Grandma’s Butter Cookies My grandmother made the best ever butter cookies. They are melt-in-your-mouth-yummy! They were always a family favorite. And they are so easy. There are only 4 ingredients, plus the sprinkles! Who doesn’t love sprinkles! And you can make the dough in advance and just bake them over the next several days when … Read more

Peacemaker’s Journey

Peace sign

Connecting the dots I remember when I was young, the anticipation of connecting the dots in a dot-to-dot picture.  Sometimes, I would know what the picture would turn out to be even before it was finished, but most often, I never knew what the entire picture was until it was completed.  The dots took my … Read more